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Prometheus: Nervios craneales: generalidades

The cranial nerves contain both afferent (sensory) and efferent (motor) axons that belong to either the somatic or the autonomic (visceral) nervous system (see pp. 622623). The somatic fibers allow interaction with the environment, whereas the visceral fibers regulate the autonomic activity of internal organs. In addition to the general fiber types, the cranial nerves may contain special fiber types associated with particular structures (e.g., auditory apparatus and taste buds). The cranial nerve fibers originate or terminate at specific nuclei, which are similarly classified as either general or special, somatic or visceral, and afferent or efferent.

Fig.  31.1
Nervios craneales
Vista inferior (basal).
Fig.  31.2 A
Núcleos de los nervios craneales
Vista posterior, se ha retirado el cerebelo.
Fig.  31.2 B
Núcleos de los nervios craneales
Corte sagital y medio, vista lateral izquierda.

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